Workshop links

With the covid problems, the organizing of dates has been a problem so I do apologise to the people who have booked for a workshop only to have it cancelled at a later date. We have reorganised workshops starting in May.

ceramic platter.

Decorating with slips. 8th May

Oostende – Kunsthuis Tussenin. May 8th. Saterday.

Mishima.11/12 th June

Master Classes 2020 – 2021

Artwork Nora Open Atelier, Karelmeers 28 – 8790 Waregem  

Terra Sigillata. 26th June Oostende. Kunsthuis Tussenin.

Mishima, July 10

10 jul. 10:00 – 16:00Oostende, Kunsthuis Tussenin.

Edmond Laponstraat 6, 8400 Oostende, België