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I will be giving workshops again from 6/2020.  These will mainly be on the new decoration techniques that I have tried and tested over these last 28 years. These include using porcelain slips to decorate turned and slab work. Methods to decorate cracked open surfaces on the wheel head.  These methods are a way to decorate the work in the construction stage of the piece.   Further workshops include the use of Terra sigillata for decoration, this workshop content depends on request.

The different workshops will be held at the location or studio of the persons requesting the workshop. The content of the workshops can be altered on request to suit the preferences of the group. ceramic platter

ceramic table art block shape.

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DECORATIE OP DE WIELKOP 2020/3 MET BLAYNE KNOX-     29/8/ 2020       Waregem Belgium.        21-22/8/2020.      12 september 2020