Large table center plates. +- 47cm.

Turned on my home made kick wheel.

DSC01025 DSC01027


Oil spot glaze.

This is the oil spot cone 6 glaze that is listed in my glaze page. It is a two part glaze with an iron glaze going under the white glaze. Many variations of this glaze can be made by changing the oxides and the quantities of the top cover glaze . Here these pieces were fired twice as the soak time worked out to be to short to produce the oil spot first time around , and as you see i got an oil spot glaze on speed!!! This glaze seems to give different results with any change in the firing cycle and even from kiln to kiln. So keep a note of your ramp up times and your soak times !!

Oil spot glaze from glaze page.
Oil spot glaze from glaze page.
Oil spot glaze from glaze page.
Oil spot glaze from glaze page.


Large platter ready for decoration.

This large plater came down from the drying rack today. It was made with a paper clay mix on the kick wheel. The inside pattern was made by adding a thick slip into the middle and then creating the pattern with the use of a piece of hard foam with grooves cut in it.

I later turned the sides up when it was a bit dryer to get the square shape.The handles were made by rolling out thin slabs on a textured plate that i made. These were then rolled up and attached with a slip made with lots of paper  in the mix. Lastly i pushed a stamp in at the attachment points of the handles.