Ceramic bottles.



2 thoughts on “Ceramic bottles.

  1. Can you please rewrite the satin white glaze recipe for me so that I can try it in simple terms. I am not an advanced potter. I also wondering where I can take a workshop with you that is close to Vancouver b.c.. Canada. Love your work !!! Rhedia

    1. Hi there, Here is the recipe again. 20- Calcium borate frit / malachite-20 / silica or quarts – 20 / kali -( potassium ) feldspar – 20 /
      Wallastonite – 20 / zircon silicate – 10. This is cone 6 (1220 deg c ).
      As for the workshops I do give workshops in Belgium as I live there so do not know if I will ever get to your side of the world. I am writing the first to a set of instruction books so I will let you know when they are available.
      Any other questions , just ask, no problem.

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