Alternative glazes.

Here are the glazes i use at the moment for my  work but as always you must do a small test on all glaze recipes, to see you like the results , before mixing a large batch .I will keep adding to this file as time permits.


5 thoughts on “Alternative glazes.

    1. Hi Nicola, The glazes i have posted for cone 6 are all electric fired and the red is a 1050c commercial red glaze that i first spray on, then dusted with oxides ( oxides as if you were making up a black pigment ) over the sprayed piece before electric glaze firing or spray with a hand pump, it gives nice specs and spots. This then melts in nicely with the red glaze and gives the glaze a life and color as if fired in gas. You can also dust oxides pigments glazes over the glazed piece with a fine mesh . Some of my red glazes are also smoke fired again as i find this also finishes off the piece by making the bare clay on the piece black. This i do in gas but can also be done with a raku firing if you use a raku clay.

      Many thanks,

      Blayne Knox.

  1. Hi!
    Love your work!
    In the recepie 20-20-10 there is Molachite. Is it possible to use something elese as substitute?
    Best regards

    1. Hi there Mia, In this glaze the molochite will be giving the glaze its white color and a lot of the glaze strength so i would not recommend changing it. If you are going to have to buy some make sure you get the fine grain. It is normally very cheap. I also add it to my porcelain clays to stop warping and shrinking to much in the kiln. Molochite is used for its lack of impurities like iron so other grogs or fillers might change the color. I hear that Molochite can be replaced with 45% silica and 55% of either mullite or kyanite in slips as these are going to normally get a color added. For the look of the glaze and glaze formula stick with the molochite.

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