Work 2018/2019

This last year has been a further exploration of slips and the beginning of tests for Raku Dolce.
I have progressed more into methods of getting slips onto the clay surfaces. Recent works have included slab-built pieces where the slips are put on the slab surface before the pattern is cut from the slab. The slabs are then left to set up a bit and then the piece is assembled. This method is being included in the workshops from 4/2020. It is rather complicated to explain in a few lines.
I will be posting the Raku Dolce work soon. Working on the terra sigillata thickness and an easer firing method at the moment.ceramic platter ceramic bottle shape Decorative table art . Ceramic box ceramic box Decorative table art block. ceramic bottle shape ceramic box / urn ceramic bottle shape ceramic bottle shape ceramic urn. ceramic platter. small ceramic platters ceramic bottle shape ceramic table art, block shape ceramic table art block shape.