Pots ready for the sagar fire.

These bottle shapes have had a terra sigillata cote and have been fired to 1020.The thin one has had two different colors of terra on and the darker one can be seen to bleed through here and there. I have used a low temp glaze to mask off the parts not to be affected by…

Ceramic bottles

This is a stoneware paperclay body that i used a slab roller and a texture stamp to make. It has been glazed to cone 6 with the following recipe ,—- Porcelain body clay, dry (low temp porcelain 1250c ) 20% / Silica -20% / Wollastonite – 20% / cal bor. frit 5 % / Borax…

Red glaze.

This is a low temp. red that has had some iron chromate and frited iron solution sprayed onto the glaze before baking to 1050 c. This is normally a deeper red but now there are flashings of orange and yellows. Different but..

A twist on Terra Sigillata .

. A slab built box. Here i first put a copper carb. wash ( in the deeper parts of the surface ) and terra sigillata on before bisc. After bisc. i put on a low fire red glaze that i wiped off just so that the terra gets some color ¬†and i get a hint…

Lamp Shades

Here are some pics of lamp shades that are made from porcelain with a wash out technique  before bisc fire. The blue is a diluted solution of cobalt sulphate . They have a cone 6 satin glaze on them.