On to the drying rack today.

I have been trying to get the pattern to stand out more when rolling the slabs to make these bottles and found that rolling the slab to thickness first before putting the texture sheet in the roller helps. So each slab gets rolled out twice so is to say. DSCN0810DSCN0811


Using a slab roller to make a box form.

Here i used a slab roller and rolled out a slab that i then wrapped this around a plastic box that itself was wrapped in newspaper so that the shape would come loose after it had dried a bit. When it had dried over night i first worked the top in being able to work from the inside and then left it upside down for a about four hours to harden up then i placed it on a flat slab and folded the edges around to form the base. I later added the stamps and lid. Check out the menu bar and you will find  the page for , How to make a ceramic box, this will show how i make these boxes.

Box made using slab roller.
Box made using slab roller.