A homemade slab roller

I made myself a small ( but quite heavy ) slab roller, as i need to make some lamp shades in porcelain and i want the slabs to be as thin and as uniform as possible. Tried it out and it works well. Total cost ,about 55 euro.


Had a productive few days

Over the past few days i have managed to get the opposite side mold done for the angel wings and another blank cut for another type of frame. I completed one tray for the coffee set and one other large platter , giving it one of my older type of horn handle

but with a new pattern from a blank that i cut last weekend. These will be given a coat of porcelain terra sigilata then into the bisc oven when dry.

Slab built picture frame

This is a test frame i made today.I am looking to frame some prints on porcelain slabs .  I rolled out some slabs and then rolled them over a cut mold.The sides and the front are  one mold and the back and inside edges are on another mold. This will be sprayed with a porcelain slip when dry before the bisc bake.I will post pics as i go.