How to make ceramic houses and boats.

Here are some of my latest small projects. These works i use to fill up the empty spaces in the kiln, but i must admit i like creating these pieces. The boats are made by using a mold i made for the underside of the boat ( hull ) and the top or deck is made by using a lino cutout.The cut out is made with normal lino cutting tools but i use a soft floor or wall tile that gives me greater depth of cut. A plaster mold could also be made for the deck but i find the lino cut easy and faster. A slab of  paperclay is is first rolled out on the slab roller then lino cutout is dusted with household bread or cake flour to stop it sticking ( NOT MUCH JUST A DUSTING ). The slab is then rolled over the lino cutout with a small hand roller. Lift the slab away and you have the imprint of the upper deck for your boat. Let this dry for a while so that you are able to work with it without it collapsing I normally leave it overnight with a sheet of plastic over but laying flat on a wooden surface . The wood ( or MDF ) takes on the moisture from the clay. When the molded hull and deck are ready the two can be put together with a paperclay slip. It is really worth your while to make a batch of paperclay slip as this has not failed me yet and the joining can be done on quite dry clay.The piece is worked off by making the join look seamless then finish off with a wet mop paint brush that will wash away the extra slip and take away sharp edges.

lino cut outs
lino cut outs
boat hull mold
boat hull mold

.Here are a few pics of the lino cut outs ext. If you want a rowing boat then before the clay is too dry cut the unwanted pieces out the deck.

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