Work 2017

Smoke fired box.

This pot was turned on my kick wheel. The clay was opened up to a THICK cylinder then three sides were cut off with a wire. A stick was then used to add texture to the cut off areas. The stamps were then added to the uncut areas . The pot was then opened up and the shoulder formed. When SOFT leather hard the bottom was turned off. A bit of sodium silicate and water solution was then painted on the bottom and cracks formed in the bottom from pushing out from the inside. The lid was made by putting a slab over a slump mould and turning down when hard enough to hold its shape. When dry the pot was sprayed with Terra and bisc fired to 1030c. Later this pot went into a saggar fire with sulphates and straw and wood shavings. 850c.In this saggar fire I did notice that I did not have enough oxygen as many other pots were too black so I will be making some changes to the saggar top and bottom to let in a bit more oxygen

Ceramic box. A cylinder turned on a kick wheel cut off and placed on a base slab in the square shape. A slab rolled top and lid was then added. This is decorated with terra sigillata and crawl glazes. The pattern is  home made ceramic decals. The glaze fire was 1060c and the decal fire was 1000c.










Tea Bowl shape, Wood fire 1280c.          Here a lump of stoneware clay was centred on the wheel and the center hole was made , making it a thick walled cylinder . I then dried the outside of the cylinder by using a metal kidney and applied a porcelain slip. This slip was then dried slightly with a heat gun. The cylinder was then opened up only using the fingers in the inside of the pot, pulling upwards and outwards. After setting up for 8hrs the foot ring was turned down and the inside was thinned out and shaped. Bisc. fire 1020c. After bisc Copper Carbonate was rubbed into the cracked surface. A glaze was put on the inside and the outside top rim. This then had a SECOND bisc. fire to set the Copper Carbonate hard. Afterwards the pot was briefly dipped into a Soda Ash solution ,then left to dry. Lastly a wood fire to 1280c.

Ceramic box. Turned on a kick wheel and altered. Top section slab rolled. Terra sigillata sprayed on when dry. White glaze added to the areas for decals. Bisc. fire 1020c . After bisc   a crawl glaze added  and fired to 1060c. Then the ceramic decals were added and refired to 1000c.DSC01257

Tea bowl with Shino glaze 1280c wood fire. Glaze applied on a porcelain slip on the wheel head then opened up from the inside. After setting up a bit the foot and inside was turned down and shaped.









Tea Bowl shapes. These were all decorated on the wheel head before being opened for the last time. A porcelain slip was added to the outside of the opened  hump. Sometimes a print or coloured slip was also added. The form is then opened up to produce the cracks. The bowl foot and inside is turned down when dry enough.


Tea Pot shapes.


Wood and wire handle. Wash out technique.

Wood and wire handle . Wash out technique with two colours.

A cone 6 glaze. The body was cut out at leather hard stage.

Under glazes and clear glaze.

A crackle glaze that was soaked in different sulphates and refired again and again.