Work 2017

Smoke fired box.

This pot was turned on my kick wheel. The clay was opened up to a THICK cylinder then three sides were cut off with a wire. A stick was then used to add texture to the cut off areas. The stamps were then added to the uncut areas . The pot was then opened up and the shoulder formed. When SOFT leather hard the bottom was turned off. A bit of sodium silicate and water solution was then painted on the bottom and cracks formed in the bottom from pushing out from the inside. The lid was made by putting a slab over a slump mould and turning down when hard enough to hold its shape. When dry the pot was sprayed with Terra and bisc fired to 1030c. Later this pot went into a saggar fire with sulphates and straw and wood shavings. 850c.In this saggar fire I did notice that I did not have enough oxygen as many other pots were too black so I will be making some changes to the saggar top and bottom to let in a bit more oxygen.